Delivery Information

The goods shall be delivered to the Customer by Aramex, on such terms and conditions underlined below shall be agreed to.Any delivery note signed by the Customer, its authorised representative or it’s nominated agent shall be prima facie(at first sight) proof that the delivery was made to the customer as per the description and quantity indicated on the delivery note.

MobilePro guarantees that the goods will be dispatched at the agreed place and on the agreed date and time at MobilePro’s risk. In the event that goods are not dispatched as agreed, the Customer shall have the right to accept delivery of the goods OR require delivery at the agreed date, time and place in the event the agreed date and time has not passed OR cancel the agreement without penalty and treat delivered goods as unsolicited goods and/ services.All charges as displayed on the online website are inclusive of VAT.

Should your location be outside of the courier company's region, an additional delivery fee will be charged at an additional cost to your purchase.

Please see Terms and Conditions