Features: 1. Answer calls anytime, anywhere, convenient and fast, so you don't miss any important calls. 2. The watch has a built-in speaker, you can listen to the phone, you can listen to music, shock the bass, stereo surround, so that the sound is more suitable for the external environment, giving you a different listening enjoyment. 3. Heart rate monitoring: Intelligent heart rate algorithm, fast and accurate, monitor and prompt your heart rate anytime, anywhere, let you understand your physical condition and enjoy a healthier life. 4. Automatically generate a health report at the end of the measurement, and the measurement data can be stored in the cloud in a large amount, which is convenient for viewing historical records on the App at any time, so that you can better understand your health. 5. New sports trends: It can display your exercise time, steps, and calorie consumption, etc., so that you can maintain motivation or continue to work hard. If you want to know how you have performed recently, just open the App on your phone. 6. Side microphone design, the watch can directly dial calls, so communication is close at hand. 7. USB quick charging, separate wristband design, you can charge by plugging in the USB interface, save the trouble of carrying the charging cable and charging base. Specifications: Model: Mobile Pro X7 CPU: SYD8810+FR302X Bluetooth: 4.0+3.0 Dual-mode LCD: 1.54 inch IPS 240*240 Charging mode: USB charging Battery capacity: 180mAh Seiko board TP + screen full fit: Full touch (COB) APP System: IOS 9.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above

Charging the smart watch

The Mobile Pro X7 smart watch does not come with a physical charger. One of the handles has a male USB connector which can be connected to any USB port. Package Includes: Smart Watch * 1 User Manual *1

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MobilePro X7 Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker - Black

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